Dreamy Mornington Peninsula Couples Photoshoot

On the spectacular cliffs of Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula, Teagan and Michael danced in the sunset light. We really pushed the timing of this one, and I'm so glad we did.

Often we're drawn to the 'golden hour' or the house before sunset. This night, we didn't really start until after the sun had set. This meant we had dreamy, creamy and beautiful soft light for our entire photoshoot!

We started down to the beach which is a collection of large black boulders, cliffs, sand and rock pools. The Mornington Peninsula has so many world class beaches and this is one of them. Whilst the surf is rough and I wouldn't advise swimming, to look at it is just spectacular.

Heading up on to the cliffs, we could see all the way down the Mornington Peninsula's seaside coast in both directions. The tall grass, rolling hills, cows in the back paddock created a scene out of a movie.

This is also one of the many perfect locations to elope. Up on the cliff tops with only your nearest and dearest, the Flinders cliffs are out of this world.

As the sun set deeper and deeper we moved further and further up to catch the last of that stunning dying light.

Right at the end once we'd packed up and heading home, once again the Mornington Peninsula's Flinders clifftops put on an unforgettable show.

The full moon appeared and peeked out from behind the clouds. Basking in late sunset light from one direction and the stunning full moon from the other was the perfect way to finish off the evening.

I can't wait for Teagan and Michael to get married and I'll be right there by there side capturing every moment.


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