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When you need to be creative to make a living, its important to ensure you're feeding your brain the right creative 'food'. That's why the workshop put on by Atkins Pro Lab in Newport, Melbourne.

We were all invited to this beautiful old Melbourne building and to be honest, had NO IDEA what to expect. There was a lot of secrecy as we were huddled into the foyer awaiting our fate.....

Then the action started! Oh wow, wasn't expecting that! We had the incredible Huxley's dressed up in all things wonderful and wacky and it was out job to shoot.... But we couldn't hold our finger down on rapid fire, we had to think about it a bit more. We were given two photos... that's it.... two opportunities. Let's go!

After some drinks and photos we then sat around and were inspired by Oli Sansom a very inspiring Melbourne photographer. Great time, and thanks for putting on a great show Atkins!

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