"We cannot praise Brendan enough for his amazing work! He was everything we wanted in a wedding photographer; passionate, friendly, fun, relaxed and very professional. Brendan took wedding photos that reflected us perfectly; making them light-hearted, a little bit silly, while capturing all of the love!

Brendan’s communication leading up to the wedding was fantastic, giving us lots of ideas and recommendations along the way

We are so grateful for finding Brendan as he has left us with breathtaking images that we will cherish forever."



"Our wedding day was captured beautifully by Brendan! He has such a talent for stunning shots and couldn’t be happier with his work. He was professional and he went above and beyond to make my husband and myself feel very relaxed and at ease. He is incredibly easy to work with, and did an outstanding job from start to finish. Can’t recommend him highly enough, his work speaks for itself! Thank you so much Brendan!"


Millie & Tyler 

"Brendan was the perfect fit for our wedding, although I’m sure he would adapt so easily to everyone’s wants and desires. Brendan arrived at sunrise to capture us enjoying the Byron Bay sunrise over the beach whilst surfing and doing yoga and ended back at the beach as we reflected on the day watching the sun go down. With his happy and friendly disposition and easy going nature he fit in so well with everyone. We wanted our photos to be more candid and he seemed to be at the right place at the right time, all day. He captured us, our love and in our way and we couldn't be more grateful for his massive contribution to one of the best days of our lives."


Yarra Valley Wedding -001.jpg

"A wedding is a celebration of so much. A celebration of the past experiences leading you to this commitment. It's a celebration of the future you have together, creating a beautiful world of two souls. It's the merging of  two to one and the promise of a lifetime together. 

It's also a hell of a lot of fun! "

- Brendan Creaser

Real weddings

Bess & Jason 

More and more I'm returning to the same venues and working with the same vendors. All Smiles Sorrento is one of them. I'm drawn to the beach, the cliffs, the salty sea air. With Bess & Jason we had romantic beach walks and sunset clifftop plays. The dance floor was epic,

the view and company amazing. 

They're a couple of beautiful souls who exude love for each other. They're also killer on the dance floor! 


Joel & Ellen

It's so rare to meet two people with hearts the size of Joel & Ellen . Gentle & caring would be the best way to describe them, however even then it doesn't go far enough. Their love for each other and everyone at their wedding was inspiring. Their photos capture a moment in time like no other and a day they'll remember forever.

The Briars - Mornington Peninsula -055.j

Rebecca & Andrew

Private property weddings are special. There's no 'rules'. There's less restriction, or 'normal' process that takes place. You make the rules. You Design the wedding from the bottom up. Bec & Andy did just that. It started 6 months earlier excavating an appropriate site in the backyard. There were food trucks, marquee's and ute rides to the back paddock for sunset. I was in my happy place.

Sophie & Hayden 

Wild and free. That is them, and that was their day. Sophie & Hayden created the perfect representation of their relationship into a wedding. It was full of colour, fun and freedom. Sophie wore her mothers dress and it looked as timeless as ever, matched with sparkling boots and all.  The bang of colour in the bouquets was something  to behold and I'm excited to have this wedding featured in Polka Dot Bride.

Ace Hi Ranch - Morninton Peninsula - Rea

Maddison & Daniel

Baxter Barn is one of those venues that's in most Mornington Peninsula photographers top 10. It's certainly true for me. Endless photo opportunities, rustic & charming barn with a ceremony space to die for. Everything about it speaks modern rustic wedding. Maddison & Daniel had a couple of special additions to their gorgeous wedding too. Their children. It's beautiful capturing a wedding with children. they're fun, care free and wild. You also see just how much love the whole family has for each other.

Maddison+DanielWeddingHighres-643 (1).jp

Millie & Tyler

Being asked to capture a Byron Bay wedding was a dream come true. Photographing timeless weddings is one thing, turning it into an adventure to one of my favourite places on earth is another. Millie & Tyler embody freedom. I captured their day to represent tham as people and what they love. From a dawn surf through to sunset on the beach. Everything was just... them. 


So many of my couples tell me " I hate having my photo taken".  I get it, I can relate too. What you've been missing is having someone take you photo you can relate to, be comfortable around and trust enough to relax. 

I create an environment where even the thickest skin can be comfortable, candid and relaxed. That's when the best photo's are taken. 

Atkins test shots -001-6.jpg

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