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My promise to you is that you’ll walk away with incredible photos that you’ll love until the end of time and we’ll have an absolute blast in the process!  

'Making people comfortable in front of the camera' is my middle name (long name I know), so if you're looking to have fun and get spectacular photos at the same time, you’ve come to the right place.

Let's do this!

The front cover of The Mornington Peninsula Wedding Guide, featuring a newly wed couple sharing an intimate embrace whilst holding champagne.The front cover of The Mornington Peninsula Wedding Guide, featuring a newly wed couple sharing an intimate embrace whilst holding champagne.

Concerned that you ‘don’t take nice photos’, or think you’ll feel awkward in front of the camera?

Trust me, I get it! Standing and smiling in front of a camera really is awkward. So… that’s simply not how I do things.

My number one – that’s right, ‘numero uno’ – priority of the day is that you’re both feeling comfortable, you’re having fun, and are able to connect with each other. That ensures your photos are authentic, organic, and natural extensions of both your personalities.

I’ll incorporate a lot of movement and seamless prompts to ensure you’re feeling your best!

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I live for the details. I'm dedicated to documenting and delivering everything you ask for. The album. The photos. The tears shed when you walk down the aisle.

But it’s also the extra tight squeeze between loved ones, the whispered words of advice from your grandparents, or those sneaky little hands at the dessert table that will be the memories I know you’ll hold most dearly.

It means I'm going deep to document the good stuff. Small and large details alike, I’ll make sure your photos represent the day – exactly as it happened.

Let's get started!





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Let's keep this simple, because wedding planning doesn't have to be confusing!
I have two main packages: A shorter 'half day' package from the ceremony to the start of the reception, and my 'full day' coverage which includes both parties' preparations and 3 hours into your reception.

All Day photography package from $4400

Click the link below of email me directly at hello@brendancreaserphotography.com or for my detailed pricing and availability.


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Videography packages are available as an add-on to your photography and are the perfect way to not only re-live your day, but your whole relationship. Our films are narrative driven, exploring your individual personalities and how they come together to make your perfect relationship.

Videography Package from $4400

Click the link below of email me directly at hello@brendancreaserphotography.com or for my detailed pricing and availability.


Lets meet

A free, no obligation consultation to get a feel for what working together will be like. We’ll chat about the most important aspects of your day and how we can make it all work.

01 / 07

Lock it in

You’re in! Congratulations! The date is officially yours (a huge sigh of relief). Once you’ve finalised your deposit and signed on the dotted lines you’ll have a secured booking. I’ve got a super insightful questionnaire for you to fill where I can learn more about you both and you can learn more about me.

02 /07

Nail the details

We’ll keep in touch throughout the whole process, then closer to the date we’ll finesse your run sheet. I’m only an email away throughout the whole process.

03 / 07

The wedding

Me and my colleagues (if you’ve booked a second photographer or videographer) will be there not missing a beat. I will be watching out for every special moment so you can relive the day in it’s entirety for the rest of your life.

04 / 07

Sneak peek

I know how excited you’ll be because I’m just as excited as you immediately after your wedding. I can’t wait to choose a few of my favourites and have them over to you straight after your day.

05 / 07

You've got mail

Within 6 weeks of your wedding you’ll be reaching for the champagne, getting cosy on the couch and reliving your whole day again…. and again…. and again. Hop online to watch your slideshow and gallery and totally absorb your photos.

06 / 07

Album Design

If you’ve pre-purchased an album, then you’ll also receive a draft album design. Your album design will encapsulate all your favourite moments and become a generational treasure to be shared for decades to come.

07 / 07


  • photography by the hour

    Whether you’ve planned a special morning ritual or a jaw-dropping fiery exit, I’m here for you! Simply add some extra hours to your chosen package and I’ll make sure those moments are captured.

  • IN A RUSH?

    Don’t want to wait the usual 4-6 weeks to see your Mornington Peninsula wedding photography? The excitement is real and I totally get that! Skip the queue and add the rush service to have your photos in just a week after your wedding.

  • Travel

    Whilst the majority of my events are Mornington Peninsula weddings, I also LOVE travelling to other exciting places. To help with your planning, we’re created some affordable, all-inclusive travel packs. So whether you’re after wedding photography here in Mornington Peninsula or halfway around the world, I’ve got you covered!

    Domestic – $500 (300 km+ from 3912)
    International – $1500 (not in Australia)


A second photographer effectively doubles the coverage of your wedding. Whether locations are far apart, or you want to ensure everything is captured from the day, we’ve got you covered.

Engagement shoot

The perfect opportunity to build a bond between us, and also a chance for us to capture some really beautiful, candid wedding photography of you and your partner in a relaxed environment.

Wedding Albums And Prints

We’ll work together to weave a story of your day and create a beautiful, handmade album that you’re absolutely in love with.

A photo of a photo album lying on a wooden table, featuring a black and white image of a bride and groom in an embrace.


What’s your style?

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Documenting the day exactly as it unfolds around me is the approach I like to take as a photographer on the Mornington Peninsula. Weddings have so many moving parts, emotions and personalities. From absolute ear-to-ear smiles to quiet moments of romantic connection. I never interrupt a moment and I’ll always have a trained eye looking out for the action. When it comes to your portraits there’s definitely an element of direction. This is completely unique and tailored to each couple which means it can vary from pumping some music to letting you and your partner slow down and connect.

Why did you start shooting weddings and what keeps you coming back?

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Wow, what a great question! I’m so glad to hear you’re so invested in my back story. My very first one was photographing two really close friends of mine who invited me to capture their Byron Bay wedding. To tell you I fell in love would be an understatement. At the time I was working in healthcare, I’d been a paramedic as well as an intensive care nurse and was so accustomed to spending time with people on the worst day of their lives. Suddenly, I was experiencing the opposite. I got to be there to help capture and preserve the memory of the BEST day of their lives, and help make Mornington Peninsula wedding planning not stressful at all. That’s something that fills my heart every single time!

Who will be photographing my wedding on the day and how many of you are there?

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It will be me (Brendan) there to photograph and lead the charge on your wedding day. I have an assistant that helps me with some administration and behind-the-scenes type tasks to ensure I’m 100% focused on the photography side of the biz! I also have a team of videographers who I call upon to film throughout the day who have perfectly complementary styles to mine so if you’ve booked a video add-on, one of these legends will be there to help.

How long will you be there for?

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How long is a…. Stop me, please. By far the most common and popular coverage is both partners' preparations through to some dance floor shenanigans. A rough guide for you here would be 2 hours of preparations before your ceremony through to 3 hours into your reception which naturally ends up being about 8 hours. There are of course some elements that would change this, from first looks to you wanting your epic sparkler send-off captured before being whisked away into the night.

How many photos do we get?

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You can expect between 80-100 images an hour of coverage (minus travel time of course, I keep my hands firmly on the wheel). Your images are then uploaded to a secure photo hosting platform where you can easily share them with your family and friends.

Do you do videography?

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I have a team of videographers in Mornington Peninsula who are absolute wizards at their craft that I enlist and work closely with to get you an incredible wedding film. Together, we’ll create a film that completely matches the photography style and make it the most cohesive process of your day. I work with my videographers so often that we almost have a silent language with each other so we never get in each other’s (or your) way. Together we’ll make sure your wedding videography in Mornington Peninsula (or anywhere else) is nothing short of spectacular.

Do you travel outside the Mornington Peninsula?

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Whilst I live and breathe the ‘Ninch, I also venture further and photograph loved-up couples all around the state and country. In fact, our family loves a winter trip up the east coast so if you’re planning something a little further afield you might find it’s easier than you think!

What’s your wedding photography superpower?

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If you’ve done any type of ‘branding’ you’d know of this question. What’s my superpower? What sets me apart? Why choose me? 

It comes down to my experience as a Paramedic, where I learnt so much about communication, behaviour, and emotion. If you’ve ever seen a paramedic working, you’ll notice they have a sense of ease about them, no matter what’s happening. I bring a feeling of calm, and coolness. I’m sure to walk, not run. I’m a level head that will keep you grounded, smiling, and on track throughout the day. If you want to know the secret to amazing candid wedding photography… it’s being relaxed and present, and that’s what I bring to the day.

What happens if disaster strikes?

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Let me start with this – I have never missed a wedding and I have absolutely no plans to do so! However, since 2020 hit the industry like a tonne of bricks I have every base covered. I’ve got a network of over 100 Victorian wedding photographers to call upon who, if the worst should happen, would absolutely take good care of you.

What are your prices?

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My wedding photography coverage starts at $3600 for a half-day package with full-day packages from $4400. I have a host of packages available including videography, albums, slideshows, and more. For a more in-depth view of my pricing and availability, send over your details here and download my pricing guide instantly.

Do you have a payment plan?

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Yes, we can organise to split your payments into four instalments. Just let me know if this would suit you.

We LOVE it! We love you! What next?

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Oh stop it, you’ll make me blush…. If you’re as keen as I am to be your Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer and I’ve filled you with confidence, then it’s time to reach out to make sure I’ve still got your date available! Rest assured that you’re not only going to have jaw-dropping photos that are truly worthy of the mantlepiece, but you’re also going to be relaxed and have a damn fine time. Contact me to receive my detailed pricing guide and availability.

Want me to capture your big day?

Let's do it! Get in touch here to automatically receive my full pricing guide OR use the chatbot (that nifty little video you see in the bottom corner) that’ll walk you through the process. I'll check your date's availability and get in touch quickly. Can't wait to meet you!