10 Amazing Mornington Peninsula Celebrants for your wedding!

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It's the heart of your day

The wedding is one of the most amazing occasions in every person's life that will be for all the time be loved.

Aside from deciding on the right venue, creating a list of guests, choosing a wedding dress, checking on the menu, and all others, finding a celebrant which can make the ceremony extra unique is also a key to having an exceptional wedding ceremony ever.

To help you with this, I’ve complied a list in no particular order of 10 (plus more) Mornington Peninsula Celebrants that will create the most incredible ceremonies for you on your wedding day.

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I'm a Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer and have had the pleasure of working with all the incredible celebrants below.

Megan Watson


Megan Watson has 13 years and countless weddings under her belt of experience behind her. She’s another Mornington Peninsula Celebrant that you would absolutely love to have on your day! She’ll make you laugh, cry and everything in between. She’ll fit in so well you might even see her enjoying a glass of champagne with your guests afterwards.

Emma Tomlinson


Emma Tomlinson is so comfortable on the Mornington Peninsula. She’s been marrying loved up couples for over 11 years and is one of the most revered and well known celebrants around. She absolutely loves that feeling when you’re married and walking back down that aisle to cheers and hoots from your family and friends.

Shannon Jeans


Shannon is fun, light hearted and describes herself as a chameleon with her ability to blend in anywhere. If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted, professional and semi-sassy celebrant then don’t look past Shannon as your Mornington Peninsula Celebrant.

Kat / The Celebrandt


The Celebrandt," a celebrant based on the Mornington Peninsula, is known for creating bespoke wedding ceremonies that are reflective of the couple's personalities and set the tone for their big day and the adventure that follows. The name of the celebrant is an ode to their love of puns, cheeky humor, and the celebration of everlasting love. With a warm and authentic approach, "The Celebrandt" creates ceremonies that are written with conscious intention, always adding a touch of playfulness and sass. Working with couples from all backgrounds, "The Celebrandt" brings joy, laughter, and even tears of happiness to every ceremony they perform.

Matt Finch


As a celebrant with over a decade of experience, Matt will help you stay calm, enjoy the moment, and make unforgettable memories. He'll make sure your ceremony reflects your unique personalities, using content that comes directly from you, so your stories and jokes feel genuine and authentic. With his help, you can edit your ceremony script as you wish and have a stress-free experience. If you're feeling nervous about booking a celebrant, get in touch with Matt, and he'll chat to put your mind at ease



Kate sets the scene for a gorgeous ceremony that’s relaxed, fun and full of tears (happy of course!). She takes the time to get to know you both with a lot of questions and brainstorming ideas until your ceremony starts to evolve.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Kate and seeing her in action and she’s simply brilliant at her job.  

Ebony Carver


Ebony is a Mornington Peninsula Wedding Celebrant that you just can’t ignore. She’s a party starter, story teller and absolute love enthusiast! Working with Ebony over the years has been incredible as we always know we’re in for a good time!

Damon Hughes


Damon is a young marriage celebrant with a passion for fun and unique weddings. He believes that a wedding ceremony should be a celebration, deeply personal but full of laughter, getting the party started and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Damon is genuinely excited about weddings and loves to talk to his clients about theirs. He wants to hear their story, take the time to get to know them both, and work with them to create something memorable and meaningful. He guides his clients through the entire planning process and provides inspiration at every step of the way.

Damon delivers a ceremony that is heartfelt and hilarious, engaging and exciting, one that reflects his clients' personality, sense of humor and love for each other.

Kahani Motiani


She may be from the Surf Coast, but Kahani is a powerhouse of a celebrant I had to include. Kahani brings so much energy to your ceremony and if you’re after an MC to kick on with you through the night she’s got a package just for you!

Love Leah


Leah will be your bestie until ‘death do us part’. She’ll have your back from woe to go and you’ll be left questioning your best friends Christmas card list and why she isn’t at the top in no time. She’s a Melbourne based celebrant who loves travelling down to the Mornington Peninsula for your wedding.

Rebecca Mayo


She’s a party starter, lover of love and official marriage maker. She’s got a fresh attitude to ceremonies, has a super personable approach and will create a unique and personalised approach to your wedding day.

Abbie Frew


She’s relaxed, bubbly and just down right fun. Abbie is a local Mornington Peninsula Celebrant that brings so much heart and emotion to her weddings. She started her career after having a brilliant experience with her own celebrant (who also appears on this post!) and brings so much energy and positivity to your day you’ll be thanking her forever.

Jillian Lance


‘Modern and experienced’, Jillian Lance is a Mornington Peninsula Celebrant that will help you achieve the perfect ceremony that’s just right for you. She’s warm and friendly, funny and will give you a ceremony that perfectly fits your vision.

Kat Sillars


There’s not many celebrants on the Mornington Peninsula that are as fun and loving as Kat. She’s full of laughter and goes that extra mile for you and your partner. She’ll have all your friends and family fired up for your arrival and leave a lasting impression on your wedding day.

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