8 Romantic Engagement Shoot Locations on the Mornington Peninsula

From sandy beaches with crystal clear waters to rolling hills and vast woodlands, there’s no shortage of romantic engagement shoot locations on the Mornington Peninsula. As far as jaw-droppingly beautiful locations go, Mornington Peninsula has to be considered one of the best. 

I want to help you decide where to have your engagement photos taken on the Mornington Peninsula, or at least show you the best options you have to choose from. Selecting the right location will help you realise the best and most authentic version of your wedding. Everyone will have different requirements, so let’s find out which suits you best!

1. Shoreham Beach

A 700m wide stretch of beach gives ample opportunity and creative space for all sorts of romantic engagement photography at Shoreham Beach. The vast expanse of open sky and wide beach is the perfect engagement photography background that will have you and your fiance believing you’re the only two people in the world.

Shoreham Beach also provides beautiful views across Phillip Island which adds to the atmosphere of the photoshoot. Though the beach is popular with swimmers and surfers, it’s never overly busy. That means you can rest assured that we’ll be able to capture beautifully romantic photos of both of you, full of emotion and passion.

2. Point Nepean National Park / Quarantine Station

Right at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula lies Point Nepean National Park, filled to the brim with history – all of which create a landscape that works fantastically with engagement photography shoots. Part of an aboriginal cultural landscape, the rugged coast and wide panoramic views of the ocean provide beautiful backdrops to your photos.

With over 400 licensed tour operators in the area and more than 60 outdoor activities available, you’ll have plenty to do before or after your shoot as well! From hiking and mountain biking to indigenous cultural tours, surfing and diving, there is something for everyone.

3. Flinders Cliffs

If you’re looking for a romantic engagement photoshoot on the Mornington Peninsula with an incredible coastal feeling, Flinders Cliffs is a great choice. 

At the mercy of the cliffs and the crashing white water of the ocean, you’ll be able to really connect to your surroundings and your photos will be stunning. Covered in grass and towering over the ocean, natural styling works very well in this location due to the flora! 

Once you’ve had your Flinders Cliffs engagement photoshoot, or perhaps before, take a stroll to the charming local village of Flinders. It’s a great place to visit if you like historic buildings, shops, galleries and organic produce stores.

4. Cape Schanck

Mysterious volcanic formations, unparalleled views over the ocean and some of the most scenic walks on the peninsula – Cape Schanck has a lot of elements we can make use of to give you the most romantic and authentic engagement photos possible! With potential backdrops like Pulpit Rock and the Cape Schanck lighthouse that was first lit in 1859, these are memories that won’t be easily forgotten.

Cape Schanck is also relatively close to the seaside town of Flinders if you’re looking for somewhere to stay during your shoot. It’s a popular area for sailing, fishing and watersports which means there’ll be plenty of things for you to do. One such highlight is the scenic cliff-top golf course, Flinders Golf Club – the oldest in the area.

5. Gunnamatta Ocean Beach

Exposed, raw and expansive are all words that sum up Gunnamatta Ocean Beach. Wide shots on the beach work great here due to the enormous size of the place. 

Couple that with a coastline of hills and mountains, and a giant sky that brings with it the most beautiful and dramatic weather, and you’ve got the basis for a truly romantic engagement photoshoot for the two of you. With a sandy beach, cliffs and coves, there’s a lot of variety at this location so we can be extremely creative on the day. 

The small town of Fingal is about a 10-minute drive from Gunnamatta Ocean Beach and is somewhere I’d recommend visiting if you haven’t been before. Hot springs and a golf course are just two of the attractions – both great ways to spend a day. 

6. London Bridge Portsea

Cliffs and rocks make for some intensely powerful engagement imagery. The juxtaposition of human and nature existing in the same shot evokes the kind of emotion that makes incredibly memorable photos. As an engagement photographer on the Mornington Peninsula, these kinds of places make my job very easy!

With the most impressive rock formation out of any location on this list, engagement photography at London Bridge Portsea is wonderfully romantic and dramatic at the same time. Wander underneath the bridge with your fiance and feel like the only souls on the planet, or use the bridge as a unique part of the photo backdrop. London Bridge Portsea is, of course, surrounded by sand and water which means you can also shoot slightly more traditional photos at the same time. Lots of options!

7. Bushrangers Bay (For The Adventurous)

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, engagement photography at Bushrangers Bay might just be the perfect choice for both of you. You have the choice of two routes to get there: the first is a 2.5km walk along a creek with incredible views over the surrounding farmland. Part of the walk has you cross through Banksia forest where kangaroos can often be spotted. The next is a 2.6km walk which presents you with some of the most fantastic coastal views on the peninsula, and spectacular views over Cape Shank and the lighthouse.

At Bushrangers Bay you’ll be met with a secluded and serene location full of coves, jagged rocks that break up the skyline and rock pools – brilliant for romantic and timeless photos! There is also a small sandy beach where we can shoot more traditional photos to make sure you have the best of both worlds.

8. Seawinds Gardens

On the northern side of the Mornington Peninsula sits Seawinds Gardens – a place of mystery and intrigue around every corner, perfect for engagement photography.

The biggest draw might be its historic gardens, filled with seasonal plants and flowers (that means beautiful photography all year round!), lakes and trees. Or maybe it’s the expansive views of the coastline that grab your attention the most. Oh, and did I mention there are kangaroos? With so many different areas to shoot engagement photography at Seawinds Gardens, your final photos will be exciting, romantic and completely unique.

If you’re looking for things to do nearby, you won’t be disappointed. Climb aboard Arthurs Seat Eagle for magnificent views across Port Phillip. If you enjoy walking, there are a couple of trails you can follow which will lead you up to the same point – the choice is yours!

There you have it! 8 romantic engagement shoot locations on the Mornington Peninsula and the styles of engagement photography that can be achieved at each of them. If you’re having trouble deciding on where to shoot or want to talk things through regarding your engagement photoshoot, send me a message and we can get to work planning!

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